Monday, 16 April 2012

Urban Outfitters 3rd Floor

(pictures my own)

some pictures from a recent visit to the Oxford Street branch of Urban Outfitters where they're having a re-fit of the store. my favourite floor has always been the 3rd one, where all the brands are held and it's looking quite different now! it's amazing how much natural light floods into the room now and the geeky visual merchandiser in me is just loving the layout and back to basics fixtures used. their creative team must have SO much fun in this place!


the cake hunter said...

Oh it looks great. I love the Oxford Street branch, I was in there last week but only had time to visit the 2nd floor and go mad over the bunny shaped lamps!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I went to the third floor the other day- could've happily stayed there a nice long while.. those quilts.. and the beautiful expensive clothes.. xx

brthwck said...

That looks absolutely amazing, definitely my kind of shop! xo

Mat said...

it's a classy floor