Monday, 21 May 2012

monday night lovin'.....

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(,, cardigan - Margaret Howell, perfume - Comme Des Garcons x Undercover, leather skirt - Acne, patent loafers - Celine, sunglasses - Miu Miu)

1. amazing holiday pictures on one of my favourite blogs to read these days, Barelona has never looked so appealing!

2. considering lopping off my hair as soon as it gets warmer, there's nothing more wonderful than feeling the air on the back of your neck after a good haircut.

3. window shopping with Mel at the weekend made me draw up one very expensive wishlist, the Margaret Howell cardigan will soon be in my hands no doubt about it, the Holygrace perfume is hands down the best perfume i have ever smelt (seriously i couldn't stop smelling myself!), and if i get my dream job this summer those Celine loafers will be mine!


Somewhere said...

I got my hair cut from waist length to just above my shoulders, it was the best thing I'd done all year! The cardigan looks so beautiful, any perfume in a bottle looking like that must smell so lovely!

Rhea Dillon said...

Love those loafers and that cardigan looks so comfortable, worst thing is to get and itchy cardigan