Thursday, 17 May 2012

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- airport outfit #1: sunspel stripe top, whistles trousers, whistles coat, topshop slippers and bag - my 'ride' home from the airport, i actually screamed when i saw this! - spending as much time as possible at the beach - reading up on one of my hero's - bought a ceramic cat in an antique store - letting lil Stella steal all of my bed - soooo many rainbows when i was home, brilliant! - airport outfit #2: sunspel jumper, urban outfitters sheer shirt, whistles trousers and coat, topshop bag and church's brogues -

i escaped back to northern ireland for a few days there, a well needed break from work and commuting with the bankers lot on a daily basis. just caught up on time with the dog and my parents, ate good food, went for day trips and watched lots of bad movies. realising my outfits these days totally revolve around my Whistles cropped trousers and Sunspel jersey and knitwear, how very boring of me!


Anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Anna @ sewa mobil jakarta

Rhea Dillon said...

I love Tracey Emin as well :)


Anonymous said...

what a lovely outfit. i hope you had a wonderful time in ireland. i've been a longtime reader especially back in 2008, 2009 and then i fell out of touch with blogs. i'm glad to see yours is still the same content wise. have a lovely day!!

Fayoona said...

I wish I had hung out with you more Elizabeth! I like your airport looks a lot. Mine tend to be a hungover/still drunk mess of things.

Zoobia said...

The dog tucked in bed is just precious. They are special little creatures, aren't your blog :)