Monday, 4 June 2012

Helen Glory

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my current inspiration for accessories this summer comes from the fantastic blog Helen Glory. i must try on those Acne pink plastic sunglasses EVERY time i go into Liberty, i love them! the amazing see through clutch is one of their own creations and apparently something that will be/or has been available on their shop website, i really hope it's something i haven't missed. 

apologies for the lack of posts lately too! seems i have slipped off into another lil world of my own while work is stressful, hoping to get get back into the swing of reading new blogs and catching up my favourites this week. hope everyone have a lovely Jubilee weekend!

also i have finally joined the gang/cult/future by getting myself an i-phone this weekend (i am terrible with technology my friends will tell you!) and am now having withdrawl symtoms from my poor lil Blackberry, but if anyone has any cool apps they can recommend me that would be awesome :) 


Helen Glory said...

Hi Elisabeth,
Thanks for tweeting and posting about us ( So glad you like the blog! I will be putting the clutch on the shop soon. I have just made one for a girl in portugal and can make more soon. If you are interested I can send you the photos I have taken of it. Thanks again.

Frances Glory

Rhea Dillon said...

Love the clutch and some really handy/cool apps are Bus London ;), Urbanspoon and Pic Stitch
hope this helps


ponyhunter said...

I've recantly stumbled across this blog too. love the minimalism.

Teresa said...

I'm thinking that making a see through clutch would be a great diy idea. Hmm... now on to finding some good material...

Samantha said...

thanks for the heads up on a great blog!