Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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- attended Margaret Howell menswear show with a friend, which was wonderful, so many pieces i wanted for myself - picked up some fantastic pieces in the sales including this Acne ribbed tee, a new A.P.C. purse and the paisley skirt i've been harping on about for a while now, all bought under the influence of another friend -  dug my old denim jacket out of the wardrobe for this confusing weather - wearing my new Doc Marten sandals as much as my feet will let me - gone home (n.ireland) for this week - catching up with my best friend who insisted on throwing herself at me this morning in an attempt to let her outside -


Mat said...

the MH mens show was great, quiet pieces that will make you feel great i imagine

stark Tony said...

How can you just choose that and try some really nice designer satchel bags for women or the best style leather embossed hobo bags at with you!