Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Row Fall 2012

therow therow1 therow2 therow3 therow4 (images via www.therow.com)

yeahhhh.... it's raining, lots here. hence me looking at AW lines already and thinking 'that coat would be perfect for my commute to work' or 'what im really missing in my wardrobe is some polo necks'.

the behind the scene pictures from The Row AW '12 really explain my mood these days and desire to dress according to the weather. absolutely mad when you consider it's mid June and even my folks back in N.Ireland have got themselves lovely tans from all the sunny weather. 

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Rhea Dillon said...

I'm in London as well so I know how you feel, its really mixing up my shopping as I want summery light clothes but its too cold for it! Grr :L