Wednesday, 18 July 2012

recently .12

IMG_0356 IMG_0387 IMG_0418 IMG_0429 IMG_0439 IMG_0431

- painted my nails in hommage to CDG Play - went to the Lazy Oaf x Batman party with Zoe and danced to 90's RnB like we were 13 again, also learnt a valuable lesson about empty stomachs and double whiskeys and vodka but that's another story - finally got my hands on the Margaret Howell top i've been harping on about for months in their Summer sale - bought sandals in an attempt to further my denial that summer will happen here in London - added more cats/plants to the 'David shrine' - purchased a new beautiful clutch via Etsy -


Pip ♥ said...

Love the photos!

Pip x

Sheree Milli said...

Love the Comme nails. So cute.

Sheree x

cathedral said...

So glad the clutch went to such a good home.

Great blog too!