Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Urban Outfitters Press Day AW '12

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seems perfect that i was saving these pictures for a rainy day, although to be honest i didn't think it was going to be mid summer at the start of July when i was posting them, but oh well you know how British summers go!

here is some of the pictures i took while at the AW '12 Press Day for Urban Outfitters, which this season they held in the most beautiful house in Soho which from my 'wonderful' quality of photos you can make out just how stunning the decor was. Autumn/Winter is always my favourite season for the colour stories, textures and layering so it was wonderful to see lots of this at UO as per usual. some of my favourite pieces like the pencil themed jumper and the emerald green jacket have already landed in store but keep your eye out for those suede brogues with clear plastic in the heel and that amazing sheep lined parka jacket - an absolute beaut!


Angela Marie said...

The layering and colors are so nice!
Great photos :) Hope the weather gets better!

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

Obscene Rabbit said...

Nice post. Love Urban Outfitters and the Autumn season.

AVY said...

Summer rain can be really wonderful.