Saturday, 22 September 2012


IMG_1409_zpsb30d93ad IMG_1412_zpsae0b7980 IMG_1416_zpsec7eec21 IMG_1417_zpsf7bb3d4f
- bought my very first London bicycle today! she's not vintage, or particularly 'hispter' but i named her Martha and i love her - yummy coke floats and reading material from Eggs Milk Butter - picking up more long sleeve jersey from Sunspel, another camera for the collection, horn comb for the boyfriend and vintage jam jar both from Labour and Wait - the latest issue of The Gentlewoman with my ultimate hero Angela Lansbury on the cover, got one copy for a friend, one for me to read, and the last to frame on my wall because lets face it Lansbury looks too freakin' not too! -


Twobreadsplease said...

YES. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of this :) xx

Alex Sheena said...

martha is very cool. i wish i had a cool bike.

Mat said...

i have a very similar comb, those this looks more substantial. i'm in the market for a bike but i have no idea what to choose