Wednesday, 5 September 2012

back in business

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pictures from recently;

- at the A.P.C. x Nike party checking out the beautiful collaberation - catching up with friends and cooking lots - my wonderful soft mens jumper from A.P.C. offically buying into the new season i guess - speaking of the new/colder season, i picked up the first of my long sleeve jerseys from Sunspel, the perfect white button detailed tee to go with everything - drinking delicious cocktails at the Barbican - taking my new A.P.C. x Nike trainers out for a spin (worn with A.P.C. jumper and Topshop skirt and bag) - the greatest finds at this weeks car boot sale in Dalston, will show you guys these in greater detail another day - buying myself flowers because thats what you do - picked up the first of the Opening Ceremony Annual - perving over a young Christina Ricci, she's so hot she just had to go up on the bedroom wall -

sorry for the lack of posts, a mixture of work and my laptop dying on me meant i had to take a small break from the blog, but im back now :)


Claire said...

Please read this as whingy and moany as possible:

You are soo cooooool; I want to be yooouuuuuu. Ngggggghhh!!


DREAMY said...

Missed your posts! Love that 2nd pic especially.

Twobreadsplease said...

two requests that i forgot to ask you: 1. please take me to that car boot sale & 2. WHERE can i get that picture of christina ricci (omg omg)? x