Sunday, 21 October 2012

recently .14 (part one)

IMG_1614 IMG_1499 IMG_1511 IMG_1525 IMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1537 IMG_1546 IMG_1562 IMG_1568

-  rediscovering my love of glittery socks in Urban Outfitters, my head hurt just from deciding which colour to pick! - enjoying the start of Autumn and bring able to play with yummy colours and textures, wearing my latest Etsy brogue purchase, a car boot sale jumper, JW Anderson x Topshop skirt, an old charity shop coat and my super soft Sunspel scarf -  Mel and myself just 'hangin' (i wish!) out with Chloe Sevigny at her talk at Opening Ceremony - experiencing the famous hot pot for the first time..... and surviving - exploring Hove and falling in love with one particular street - tucking into the best darn sausage roll i've ever had in Hove - i neeeeeed this kitten light in my life!really i do! - checking out the piers in Brighton, was rather excited as it was my first experience of an English coastline since i was a tot, i miss living beside the Irish sea pretty much every day at the moment - lots of 'lolz' with Michelle and the wonders of Instagram - treating ourselves to some pretty awesome temporary tattoos, who doesn't need glittery unicorns in their lives? -

i've been such a terrible blogger i will actually need to do a two parter post just so i dont bore you all at once with my pictures!haha!

but ohhhh how i've missed the blog, reading other blogs, making wish lists and the internet in general. with so much on in the past few weeks (i finally had a social life guys!) i've hardly had a chance to glance at the internet let alone spend time on it. glad to be back!


Mat said...

well you may already know i'm a massive brighton fan and i'll be posting a part two to my trip later on. i've spent quite a bit of time in hove as my best mate lived there for years. love the town houses

Alice said...

Jealous of the J.W Anderson x Topshop skirt. You've styled it really nicely x

nox said...

eeekk chloe <3