Tuesday, 23 October 2012

recently .14 (part two)

IMG_1609 IMG_1637 IMG_1628 IMG_1601 IMG_1646 IMG_1653 IMG_1644 IMG_1641 IMG_1651 IMG_1652

the rest of my pictures from recently.....

- getting new passport photos is always so painful  - starting to get ready for my favourite ever holiday Halloween, by watching the old classic horrors - my beautiful new vintage crystal candle holders that have given me the excuse to move on from tea lights (feel like a grown up now!) - obsessing over paisley print in the form of this most perfect shirt from Urban Outfitters - vintage pharmaceutical bowls from the same Etsy store i got the candle holders from - i invested in the beautiful varsity jacket from Whistles recently, rather excited to get my initials embroidered - a rather creepy/brilliant house in Stoke Newington - the greatest American pancake breakfast i've ever had!from The Pantry in Stoke Newington - the new love of my life... this fantastic vintage fur coat i picked up in Dalston car boot sale this weekend- along with a cute 70's french school map game for when i feel i can tackle another language haha -

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Mat said...

that etsy shop has some great earthenware stuff, i'd love a few of them. might have a scan around on ebay, i never really come across much in charity shops. nice choice on the whistles jacket, pretty cool length