Wednesday, 7 November 2012

another year older, another birthday wish list....

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1. image via Flickr
2. birthday wish list: jumper - Topshop, t-shirt - Sunspel, 'Eau Duelle' perfume - Diptyque silk pj style trousers - A.P.C., brogues - Church's, instant camera - Fujifilm, 'valium' ring - Cast of Vices via Goodhood, lipstick - 'Crimson Noir' by Tom Ford, Berlin City Guide - Wallpaper

i turn the big 25 this year.....
little bit scary considering i left university 3 years ago now, am still co-habiting a flat with the boyfriend and a uni friend, still surviving 'student style' on pasta and soups and still have never taken a driving lesson in my life! I have also officially reached that age where half of my friends (albeit mostly my Irish ones!) are married/engaged/with child/already a family unit.

[cue mini freak out]

i shall however be celebrating this little age related panic in style this year though, by hopefully (passport dependant!) travelling solo to Berlin for a few days next week! so excited to finally be getting away by myself and just escape London and work. if any one has a recommendations for the city please let me know.

also turning 25 will mark starting a new job working for one of my all time favourite brands, it's an amazing opportunity but i will have to be horrid and not say any more in fear of jinxing it!


Maria said...

well happy birthday! i like your wishlist, especially the fuji instax wide camera...i want one of those too! :) good luck on your solo trip to Berlin and no worries about age--there is no one correct path thru life! enjoy your days :)

Michelle said...

Mel has probably given you some good recs already but I really liked the flea market in Boxhagener Platz (see second one down: ( In fact the whole area around Warschauer Stra├če station is really cool, stayed there with a friend for a couple of days and it have a early arty hackney kind of vibe, but unpretentious. Lots of clubs and kebab shops there as well lol. Also 2 photo booth just by the station, ESSENTIAL I know ;-)

In terms of a more upmarket area, I went in search for Cocolo ramen (delicious btw) in Mitte and kind of just stumbled round the area for a while. Lots of little boutiques there, nice cafes but also slightly pricy. I think you'll like The Barn with really delicious cakes. I enjoyed wandering round the central and exploring parks by myself, as Berlin is pretty straight forward to navigate!

Anyway I'm sure you'll have an amazing birthday time, you definitely deserve it :D xx

ps: don't despair, considering I'm even older lol.

lavelle said...

Berlin tips - If you're there on Sunday, go to Mauer Park flea markets and outdoor kareoke (maybe double check that they do this in the winter first, but if so it is awesome). Lots of good bars/cafes/independent shops in Neukoln and East Kreuzberg. Treptower Park is my favourite Berlin park - try and find and explore Spree Park - the old abandoned theme park!

If its the first time you've been to Berlin, Kunsthaus Tacheles and the East Side Gallery are not to be missed for awesome graffiti art

Have a fun trip!


Choux Choux said...

Happy birthday elisabeth! Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures. Eat lots of cake! :) Your birthday wishlist is wonderful – I love the brogues!

Samantha said...

maybe a little to late buuut go to mauerpark flea market (although the karaoke guy has finished for winter)& i definitely recommend cycling around! a solo adventure sounds exciting. and happy birthday!!

Mat said...

well i've just turned 27 and i'm very freaked out, i was alright when i was 25. still no full time job so i'm trying to do something on my own. i just can't carry on like this, surviving. but on the plus side i do have 3 part time jobs (one interning at a menswear company in manchester), i do enjoy the blogging and i just got a new bike. most importantly, my gf.

ohh new job, is it MH?