Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Auf Wiedersehen!"

IMG_1836 (from left to right: paisley shirt - Urban Outfitters, jumper - car boot sale, tarten skirt - Margaret Howell, navy jumper - APC, striped top - Sunspel, quilted skirt - Boutique by Topshop, striped trousers - Margaret Howell, paisley dress - Boutique by Topshop, faux leather skirt - Urban Outfitters)

 off to Berlin today for a few days, doing some last minute packing.

and thank you everyone for the recommendations! i am heading over with a half empty suitcase, intent on filling it with flea market goodies and lots and lots of yummy food....


Mat said...

good times will be had!

anna Sonata said...

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