Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year and a little interview

Xg9kx2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
1. out for a walk on Hampstead Heath today
2. brilliant collage created by Moira over at Earworm and Plum Pudding


i'm not a massive fan of the whole 'new year, new me' mentality that comes with the new year so you wont hear me making any promises to myself to drink less or exercise more (never going to happen), and i don't tend to look back on the year with long thoughts of how much i've grown up (i've not) or how much i've come along/delevoped as a person in that time (im still the immature Irish lass wasting her time buying too many clothes really). i've come to realise that if i don't have an epiphany about something during any point in the year, im not going to have it just because its now 2013.

that being said i really don't mind the dressing up and partying that comes with it! 

i hope whatever you got up to last night it was awesome, and if you have made plans/dream lists etc etc good luck and whatever happens remember to enjoy yourself along the way....

here's a small interview i did for Moira from the blog Earworm and Plum Pudding a few weeks ago, definitely check out her super beautiful photos from her road trips and i admire anyone who can make good collages on blogs!


Camille said...

Happy New Year Elisabeth! I just read the interview and I have to say, you have a fellow old lady here as I love Poirot episodes as well. Did you know that new episodes, closing the series (and all Poirot books) will be coming out in the next months? I'm really looking forward to seeing Hastings again!

Iram Safdar said...

happy new year! all your berlin photos are amazing, hopefully visiting soon, do you mind sharing where you stayed/recommending any hostels? xx

moira said...

aah too many kind words *overwhelmed* thank you and a wonderful happy new year, looking forward to following another year of your blog adventures xx

Sophie Jane said...

Hey lovely, i've nominated you for the leibster award, so if you're interested in being part of it, check out this page:

Tilly said...

Happy new year! Aha i make the cut down on drinking one every year and it never sticks! Exhibit A- to combat my new years eve hangover I just drunk right on through it hehe >_<.

Your blog and photographs are dreamy! xx

Mat said...

happy new year. yeah true, i've never been one for reviews of the year. lets just get on with it. ohh ok cool, for sure. are you at MH now then?

Allan Murray said...

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