Monday, 25 February 2013

moving flats....

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blog posting has been a little slow this week (not that you didn't really expect it from me!) due to moving flats.

i always forget how much stuff i actually own! and after a 24 hour shift of cleaning and a long week of packing, the boy and me have got our first 'grown-up' place to ourselves.

i already owe him a big thank you for letting me take two thirds of the wardrobe space!

anyway, until we get our internet sorted i will be spending my evenings re-watching my Poirot and Arrested Development DVDs, so bare with me.

in the mean time im very tempted to order this beautiful hand painted bunting by Roxy Marj.


Kelli / Fog and Forest said...

Love Roxy Marj's Envelope clutches and I love this bunting, too. Congrats on the grown up flat!

Mat said...

take it easy, stressful times indeed

Choux Choux said...

poirot and arrested development sound perfect :)

discotheque confusion said...

That is also one gorgeous set of bed linen in the picture. Makes me want to up my game with some adult oversized pillows. x