Wednesday, 6 March 2013

moving flat treats

 photo 7c9195c9-5589-45e1-95ae-fffa161b862c_zps9cf20e1c.jpg  photo 65f619a0-f135-45a8-91fc-a6cd5dbdc597_zpsbda1c705.jpg  photo a73f8c93-8f32-4b0a-9eca-f9ca10ad085e_zpsf828e8ec.jpg  photo 6e2163b7-2798-4cab-8f14-fdf881b046fa_zps2fe52e01.jpg  photo a9f62bb9-de65-41eb-a61d-9650750be529_zps51613c1d.jpg

- How to Boil an Egg by Rose Bakery (lots of egg related deliciousness!) picked up in Margaret Howell - potted roses and ivy from Liberty - mouthwash by Aesop - The Gentlewoman  magazine latest issue  - rose oil scented chocolate picked up on my latest trip to the Barbican -


Kelli / Fog and Forest said...

gimme that chocolate!

Maria said...

i am seeing this aesop brand a lot lately; i've never heard of it, and now i'm curious. also, the gentlewoman. need to get a copy of this issue yes yes yes. congratulations on your plants ;)

Macy said...

those roses are so pretty!