Thursday, 14 March 2013

sample sales and talks

 photo samplesaleMH_zpsd0479ed6.jpg photo Margaret_Howell_zps39d0eda1.jpg

some good news to cheer those up who feel this has been one loooooong week (anyone?.....just me?).

it's that time of the year when Margaret Howell host another of their fantastic sample sales, handy since i was just thinking last night 'i need more good trousers for the Spring/Summer' and i have practically lived in my pairs picked up there last year.

and also another of my 'women heroes' Penny Martin editor of The Gentlewoman is going to be interviewing Margaret Howell herself in a talk held at the V&A later this year in June. and yes, i have booked my ticket already!


Mat said...

flipping heck, there's going to be some ace mens stuff I know. It's too far...

AVY said...

I bought a Margaret Howell sweater for a boy once, he liked it.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!