Monday, 29 July 2013


some pictures from a trip to Bruges at the start of this month, for £45 return on the coach it was just too tempting to explore for a few days. i have to say i was pleasantly surprised for what i assumed was just a 'pretty' town full of old tourists. 
we ate good food, saw some great exhibitions of Picasso and Dali, cycled to the coast to picnic on the beach, drank far too much beer and ate too many waffles, made great friends in underground pubs and finished the trip off with an evening in a garden in an old Masonic house now owned by a self proclaimed 'vampire' called Willy, listening to gypsies play great music and drinking delicious rum cocktails. 

a wonderful surprise and a definite recommendation for a few days escape from city life.

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Matthew Pike said...

I thought that was Lionel Blair for a minute....