Wednesday, 3 July 2013

last night's dream/trip to Poland

last night i dreamt that i was back on this train ride from Poznan to Krackow 

i took a 'little' detour to Poland last month on my latest visit to Berlin, went on a whim (i admit there was a lot of bloody marys in my system too!) and it was the best decision i've made this whole year, if not only for this 5 hour train ride through the Polish countryside.
if you's get bored this summer and dont want to spend a lot of money, i highly recommend a little visit to Poznan, for around 30 euros you can jump on one of these massive clunky old Soviet trains and just watch as some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe whizzes past your carriage window.

yeah, i wanna go back bad....

p.s. - i did a massive clear out of my wardrobe this weekend, half of it has now been listed here on eBay, the other half will be listed soon. it's kinda scary to think i own this much clothing!

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Mary said...

Looks beautiful...I love travelling by train so much, there is something very old-school and romantic about it. xx