Wednesday, 14 August 2013

the simple sweatshirt

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La Garconne and their styling of this simple sweatshirt has managed to convince me it really doesn't have to be part of a sporty or 'slobbish' outfit. i previously would have considered myself 'allergic' to this kind of casual clothing but i really love the idea of combining a sweatshirt with a slip skirt and unbrushed hair (which i have great talent for!) like above. 

i may have finally been proved wrong about the simple sweatshirt....


Jana said...

la garconne is probably one of my favourite online shops. I just love the selection of brands but it's soooooo expensive :(
anyways I really like the second outfit because of the colour mixing with navy and cream.


Matthew Pike said...

I love sweatshirts, one of my fav items to wear when it's a bit cooler.Still looking for the perfect grey one. Like that these seems smarter

petal and plume said...

gorgeous! so inspired! your blog is lovely.

Hilary Grant said...

I've always loved those slightly slobbish sweatshirts, with naturally dried hair, skinniest and a pair of heels and some jewellery. It feels really cool without trying too hard.