Thursday, 29 August 2013

White gatherings

(first image my own, second via

this last few months i've kinda been obsessed with anything with a slightly high neck. its been my mission to find the perfect tee, knitted sweater and shirt with this cut of neck, and i think this week i found the shirt. 

the gathering detail at the neck actually reminded me of a picture i've had saved on my phone of a snap (the visual merchandiser in me still rages on it seems)  i took of the Lavin window on Saville Row, and the suit covers they had dressed on a rail which originally from across the street i had thought were shirts. i fell in love there and then with the idea of gathered neck detailing on a crisp cotton white shirt and i've been haunting Etsy at night in a bid to find a one of vintage piece that matches the picture in my head. for now though, i think this one by C├ędric Charlier via Avenue 32 is the closest i have got. i even had to break down the image into pieces before saving it on my phone, just to highlight the brilliant simplicity of it's cut (yes sometimes im a bit of a design nerd).

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