Tuesday, 24 September 2013

USA (again)

(calf hair loafers and Mougin & Piquard watch from J.Crew)

hey guys, once again i went a little AWOL from the blog during the last few weeks, apologies about that!
this time i found myself in New York for three weeks without a laptop or a phone for most of it, which was quite refreshing if im honest.

it was wonderful to be back in the States again so soon after June, it's always nice to have some sort of bearing on a place and not waste too much time wondering streets at all hours. while i did a 'little' more shopping than my last trip (nothing like wrestling to close your case to get you pumped for the airport!), i still made sure to visit the Met, make for daily lunches in Central Park, catch up with friends and discover as many basement bars as i could. until next time New York!

now it's back to life in London, lets get the Fall wishlist ready to go....


Joana said...

Those loafers.. want them.

Love, When You Dream Big x

Matthew Pike said...

business or pleasure?

Mary said...

great photos...I miss New York :(