Sunday, 1 December 2013


(art in Rijksmusuem - the library in Rijksmusuem - shiny new loafers from J.Crew - the botanical gardens ie perfect place to cure a hangover - stocking up on stripes - an afternoon in the cat museum - perfect tiles - view from Our Lord in the Attic - saying goodbye with lots of wine and yummy vegan food)

as per usual work has taken over my life and so last week i managed to escape London for a few days to visit Amsterdam. I had never been before and to be honest right up to just before my flight i seriously considered jumping on a plane to my favourite Berlin instead, but i stuck with it, curious to see what this city was like.

im glad i did now, its such a funny little mix of streets and people from all walks of life, i feel that to really understand it i will have to return again and again, it seems one of those places you really have to dig into to find the good stuff! 

but what a wonderful place to celebrate my birthday and round up a year of various little trips across the sea every month and 'escapes from the city'(my bank account has been in tears all year!). i fear turning 26 there and the new year will bring with it some sensibilities with trips away and even maybe the smallest chance of a saving account? we'll see......


Matthew Pike said...

Did you go solo? I quite like the idea of doing something like that. I went when I was about 19, interesting place. One of my best mates lived there for a while as head knitwear designer for calvin klein

Buckets & Spades

Sophie Jane said...

Happy birthday! I'd love to see Amsterdam. It seems in Europe the possibilities are endless, everything is so close!