Tuesday, 17 December 2013

one for you, one for me....

(images via www.goodhoodstore.com)

doing the last of my Christmas shopping and i cant help but write myself up a wishlist of pieces for myself including these necklaces (by Maria Black) and rings (by Gabriela Artigas) above via Goodhood. my gift shopping so far this month has literally been a case of 'one for you, one for me'. i cant be the only one doing this surely?


Joana said...

So dainty and pretty. I love these pieces.

Joana x
When You Dream Big

Josie said...

Those necklaces are beautiful, they look great together! I've been shopping that way as well, I'm so poor now!

Alice said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous. I have been into really clean simple jewellery like this recently. Hope you had a lovely christmas!

Alice x