Monday, 6 January 2014

goodbye 2013//hello new year...

- my favourite view over Mitte in Berlin and the happiest moment during one of my several  trips there - being tattooed in Budapest on a trip with my good friends, getting to be one of the 'lads' again - train ride through the Polish countryside with my American friend - my first few weeks in New York and that morning we watched the sunrise on Coney Island - a lazy weekend away to Bruges and spending the last night listening to local gypsies play in a 'vampire's' old Masonic home - my only trip back to Ireland not for unhappy reasons last year involved hanging out at empty beaches with my mother and dog and road trips down the coast with my parents - another few weeks during the summer spent in New York saw nightly rooftop drinking, road trips to Philly and eating far too much good food - the last trip to Berlin waking up in a new friends magical looking cottage in the middle of Kreuzburg -

never one for paying much attention to 'new years' and all the resolutions and 'new year, new me' attitude that comes with it, but boy was it a year to remember in 2013.

it was the year of super highs and super tough lows, never seen such a unbalanced year!setting up my new diary its easy to focus on all the bad last year, all the goodbyes i said, but instead i am trying to focus on all my favourite bits, some of them above.

so lets hope 2014 will bring lots more good bits, less goodbyes and more hellos!

i hope you all have something to look forward to and all had some wonderful times over the holiday season, happy new year guys!

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Matthew Pike said...

Well hello 2014 you. I agree, 2013 was very memorable for me, so much going down in that crazy year. Well yeah, sure maybe we'll cross paths in really life this year, you seem to travel a lot so it's surely possible.

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