Saturday, 11 October 2014

currently on my mind....

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(mac coat - Boutique by Topshop, printed t-shirt - Etre Cecile, jeans - Cheap Monday via Urban Outfitters, knitted polo - Toast, underwear - Cos, ankle boots - Toast, striped top - Cabbages & Roses, skirt - Topshop)

currently cant sleep, so of course im sat up in bed, browsing online, writing endless to do lists and watching Trailer Park Boys (new series, excuse me while i hibernate with my laptop) on the side.
mental check list includes...

  • finding THAT perfect Autumn coat, the one that's two sizes too big, looks like you borrowed your boyfriend's, and is that perfect shade of beige/brown that looks just right with blue denim and converse.
  • making a promise to myself to finally own a pair of Tabi boots before the end of the year, thus somehow in my head equaling 'becoming a grown-up'
  • not that i need any more t-shirts with french writing, but damn, Cecile Etre makes some good tee's, especially taken with their newest collaboration with Man Repeller.
  • Autumn = polo season, hooray!
  • Autumn = time to go through your drawers and refresh your underwear for the new season (thank you Cos)
  • slowly introducing plants one pot at a time in the hope my housemates dont realise im slowly trying to turn the flat into the Barbican Conservatory
  • distracting said housemates with awesome receipes from the brilliant 'a modern way to eat' by Anna Jones
  • the Birkenstocks are slowly (if not very reluctantly) being retired for the season, it's time to throw on some awesome chunky boots like these from Toast
  • adding more striped tops to my list list because... well, do i really need to explain to you?
  • plotting my birthday trip and realising no matter how much i fool myself i will almost certainly end up in my favourite city Berlin.....

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